The journey begins today…

It’s finally happening! I’ve arrived in Philly for a mini orientation or “staging” as the PC likes to call it, before we head off to JFK for a direct flight to Guyana tomorrow night. It’s been a long weekend of packing, unpacking and repacking, tearful goodbyes with my friends and family, and eating all my favorite foods. A bit nervous about all the unknowns out there, and sad to leave my family, but I am incredibly excited to see what the Peace Corps has to offer me! I really could not have made it to this point without my friends and families support, encouragement, advice and blessings, and I hope to make them all proud.

After orientation sessions tomorrow during the day, we board the busses headed for JFK tomorrow night for a midnight flight to Georgetown, Guyana. Some odd bus and ferry rides later, we will have officially arrived at the resort that we stay out for the first few days to get acclimated before we meeting our host families we will be staying with for training! There’s a lot I don’t know yet about where I’ll be staying, what I’ll be doing, and what life will be like living in Guyana but I’ve learned to get comfortable with the uncomfortable – the experiences that come from it will last a lifetime.

I’ll be sure to keep this blog updated as frequently as I can based on WiFi availability, etc. and I look forward to sharing the many and hopefully amazing experiences I have with you all.



June 10, 2018

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