Moving in with Host Families :)

Wow. What a week it has been. At the beginning of the week I was awaiting departure to Guyana in a hotel in Philly and now I’m soaking up the sun in this beautiful lakeside resort we’ve been staying at since we arrived on Tuesday for orientation. The experience has been nothing short of amazing while we get to know each, try local foods, get an introduction to Guyanese culture, family life and Creolese, swim and relax. The fun is just beginning!

Today afternoon we leave the resort and head to our training center not too far away in Essequibo and meet our first host family!Each of the 38 volunteers lives with a different host family within a reasonable distance of the training center. Today is a big day! I’m feeling pretty excited to be able to live and communicate with a Guyanese family and to immerse myself in the culture but also considerably nervous because it’s a big change for me, and I hope that it goes smoothly. I’ve never lived with any kind of host family before so figuring out the do’s and dont’s will be a little confusing but I am very hopeful that it should work out and we become a family!

We get to hang out with our host families this weekend and then start official training on Monday. The next two months are pretty much going to be a crash course in medical/personal safety, language (learning Creolese) and culture, and of course more tactical training in our specific sectors, which for me is teaching health education to Guyanese children in secondary schools. It’s a rigorous curriculum with a lot of teaching assesments, creating lesson plans and gathering materials to teach with. It’s going to be a wild ride!

Will have limited WiFi so I’ll post as soon as I can!

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