moments captured

My journey in pictures!

Another tiny but mighty creature that calls Mainstay Lake home…😅

Little kitty that calls Mainstay Lake Resort it’s home ❤️

Right after we all passed our water safety tests! (Swim test, float test and canoe/kayak test)

More lakeside fun 😊

Mainstay Lake – We stay at a lakeside resort the first few days to get acclimated and for orientation before we move in with our training host families!

Guy 31 (our cohort number) waiting for the ferry to cross the Essequibo River

Delicious first Guyanese meal of channa (chickpeas) and cassava balls – both delicious and a staple of a Guyanese diet (yummm) 🙂

Deplaning at Cheddi Jagan International Airport

Waiting for our 1:30 am flight at JFK!